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‘Copy’ and ‘copywriting’ are confusing terms. So let’s get this straight:

‘Copy’ simply means the words used in marketing. The words you’re reading here, on this website for example – they’re copy. When you write a marketing email to your mailing list, that’s also copy.

I define copy from a conscious business perspective, as writing that aims to communicate clearly and authentically, create a genuine connection and invite the right people to take action.

The copy I can write for you includes:

  • Copy for digital – website content, blog posts, marketing emails, scripts for videos and podcasts, text for infographics

  • Copy for print – brochures, leaflets and posters

To find out more about how I can create copy for your business, contact me.



If you’ve got a draft which would benefit from a copywriter’s edit, you’ve come to the right place.

I can edit to varying degrees, depending on your timeframe and budget. This may mean a complete overhaul, to make sure every word is working towards your aims, or a lighter edit focused on priority sections.

Contact me to chat through your draft and how I might help.