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The terms ‘copy’ and ‘copywriting’ can be confusing. So let’s get this straight:

Copy is the text used in marketing or advertising. It’s persuasive writing that aims to achieve a specific goal (e.g. to secure a sale or recruit a reader to a campaign).

I can write you copy on any subject and for any medium, including:

  • Copy for print – adverts, articles, brochures, leaflets and newsletters
  • Copy for digital – websites, marketing emails

I will:

  • Create stylish, results-driven copy, with every sentence targeted to achieving your aim
  • Use the psychology of decision-making to build a compelling sales pitch
  • Tailor your copy to brand and audience for maximum impact

For copy that gets results, contact me.

Content writing

Content writing

Modern marketing isn’t all about the hard sell. The most effective (and rewarding) way to attract and keep customers is by nurturing a relationship with your community of prospects. And that means giving them high-quality, compelling content on a regular basis.

When it comes to the content I can write for you, the sky’s the limit. Examples are:

Web content, blogs, articles, e-books, reports, newsletters, scripts for podcasts, text for infographics

I’ll help you develop original, quality content that:

  • Attracts attention, builds trust and rapport, and encourages the conversion of leads to customers
  • Begs to be bookmarked, shared and liked. Once you have worthy and engaging content, naturally linked to, you’ll stand the most chance of becoming a magnet for Google.

Need top-quality content? Get in touch.



I’m a seasoned editor, with a wealth of publishing experience. If you’ve got a draft which needs a professional polish, you’ve come to the right place.

I can edit to whatever depth you need, to suit your timeframe and budget. This may mean a complete overhaul, to make sure every word of your text is working towards your aim, or a light edit to correct misspellings and imperfect grammar. Whatever state your text is in, I have the eagle-eye and editorial nous to improve it.

I can:

  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Make your copy more concise, engaging and persuasive
  • Ensure your text is in line with your style guide
  • Work on highly technical subject matter to produce an easy-to-read version for a non-specialist audience

Contact me now to discuss how I can help with your editing.