Enough copywriting headaches!

Let’s get you unstuck and in flow

It’s the moment you’ve been hoping for. Your ideal client has landed on your web page, opened your email or downloaded your content. They’re the kind of person it would light you up to work with – someone who’s ripe for the kind of transformation your services can offer.

They’re reading your words. You know how you’d love them to react:

  • With recognition: ‘wow, this sounds so me!’
  • With resonance: ‘here’s someone who really understands’
  • With inspiration: ‘my gut says this could open new possibilities for me’

This potential client is right and ready for your services, and you want them to know the truth. That you care. That you do get where they’re coming from. That you can help – perhaps even beyond what they’re currently able to imagine.

You sit down, longing to write copy that conveys all this. But when your fingers hit the keyboard, you hit a wall.

Maybe it’s, ‘where should I start’? Or, ‘how should I phrase this’? Or ‘what should I include and leave out?’

Whether you push through, filling your screen with sentences, or get stuck staring at a blinking cursor, the outcome is the same. You can’t produce copy that sounds right.

Goodbye to overwhelm: time to own the copywriting process

There’s an art to writing authentic copy – or more accurately, a process and a strategy that channels your creativity in the right direction.

You don’t need to be a creative genius, or a professional copywriter, to write words that attract your ideal audience. What you need is:

  1. A mental map of copywriting patterns, structures and best practices
  2. Awareness of how different word choices affect the meaning of your copy
  3. Clarity – on who you’re writing for, how you approach it and why

I’ve designed my copywriting coaching services to equip you with the essential knowledge and tools you need and to guide you towards clarity. When these things are in place, the right words can start to bubble up.

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Clarify your Ideal Client and Niche

You know what work you’re meant to be doing in the world – it’s your passion and gift. You’ve been doing it for years, even if for part/all of that time it’s been in the form of favours for friends. Now it’s time to get serious. You’re ready to define and document your niche: the specific type of person you serve, what their problem is and the outcome you help them achieve. This will become the cornerstone of your copywriting strategy.

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Write Your Pitch-Perfect Copy

You’re pretty clear on who your ideal client is already (although your understanding can always deepen and evolve). Getting your voice out there means meeting your edge, but you have important messages to share, so you’re committed to learning the art of pitch-perfect copywriting. You’ve got time and energy to invest in a 7-week coaching process, and 2 or 3 pieces of copy or marketing content in mind that you’re really keen to work on with me.

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Copywriting Coaching Top-Up Sessions

You’ve been through the Write Your Copy 7-week programme with me already, but you need a bit more one-on-one support. Book individual coaching sessions to top up your knowledge and skills, and we’ll collaborate to develop your copy.

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Pro Copywriter Review

Also for alumni of Write Your Pitch-Perfect Copy. Since I know you, your business and strategy really well by now, I can offer further support by reviewing your draft copy in a Google doc. I’ll add my comments, suggested amends and pointers for development, leaving you free and empowered to decide how your copy should evolve.

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Need help to make a decision?

Want to feel out whether we’re a good fit to work together? Let’s connect via video call and have a chat. I offer 30-minute intro calls for free. 

This will help us get to know each other, and if you’ve got any questions about my services you can ask away. There’ll be no pressure to come to any decision on the call.

Please know that I want you to make the right choice for you, and I trust that this will always be the right decision for me too.

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