Write copy that’s clear, inspiring
and always true to your own voice.

Copywriting coaching for conscious entrepreneurs

You’re an entrepreneur offering services from the heart. And you’re here because you want to write your own authentic website copy and marketing content. Welcome, kindred spirit!

You want your copy to be ethical. To stay true to your own voice and inspire more of the right people to say a heartfelt ‘yes’ to your services.

You’re a creative, nurturing type – maybe an artist or creator, coach or facilitator – and your business is one hundred per cent an expression of who you are. You need your copy to be a natural extension of your heart, soul and values too. And despite how daunting and exposing it feels to put yourself out there, you’re determined to become the voice of your business.

But copywriting just feels so hard.

How to word it all? How to structure? How much to say?

How to write marketing effectively while staying in your integrity?

You try to figure it all out but end up muddled, overwhelmed and stuck.

There’s a way to transform your experience of writing copy

No wonder you’ve struggled to write copy. You’ve probably never learned:

  • How to create an authentic copywriting strategy to help you navigate each writing decision
  • Ethical copywriting techniques for clear, impactful communication
  • Templates and frameworks to help you structure your copy

And there are deeper, emotional blocks too: blowing your own trumpet makes you cringe, sharing your story feels uncomfortable. Then there’s the fear of failure or – dare you admit it – success.

What you need is a copywriting coach to show you the ropes, equip you with the right tools, and build you up with cheerleading and empathy.

That’s exactly what I’m here to do.

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Services to get you writing ‘pitch-perfect’ copy

By ‘pitch-perfect’ I mean copy that stays true to your voice, chimes with your ideal clients and helps you build a thriving business.

1. Clarify your Ideal Client and Niche

Niche is the cornerstone of your copywriting strategy. I’ll take you through a discovery process to clarify who you’re best-placed to serve, what their problem is and the transformation you help them achieve.

2. Write your Pitch-perfect Copy

In this 7-session coaching programme you’ll learn by doing how to write authentic, impactful copy – from strategy to final draft. You’ll develop 2 or 3 pieces of website copy or marketing content in collaboration with me along the way. 

3. Pro Copywriter Review

Once you’ve been coached through Write your Pitch-perfect Copy, I can offer further support by reviewing your drafts in a Google doc and adding my comments, suggested amends and pointers for development.

Writing copy feels flowing and authentic

“Ι approached Danielle for help with writing the copy for my website. I needed to have a language that is both marketable and communicates clearly whilst staying true to myself and my values.

Danielle’s coaching process helped me achieve clarity in what I’m offering and a stronger confidence in my ‘product’.

Since working with Danielle, my experience of writing copy actually feels more flowing, more authentic and less heady. Like I know who I’m talking to and it’s more relatable and direct.”

Alex Ioannou, Somatic arts therapist and ritualist

Hi, I’m Danielle

I’m an award-winning conscious copywriter and copywriting coach.  I believe my vocation lies in expressing my authentic voice and empowering others to do the same. Capo Copy is one manifestation of this, but I also have a second business (Bird Flies Free) where I work as a singer and vocal improvisation coach. (I have both the written voice and the artistic/embodied voice covered!)

I believe that when your work is aligned with your innate gifts, passion and sense of purpose, that’s when you can contribute the most value to the world.

I look forward to us teaming up and preparing you to get your voice heard!

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