Write Your Pitch-Perfect Copy

A 7-week, one-to-one copywriting coaching programme

Master the art of authentic copywriting for your business

You’re here to get confident with copywriting. To know what you’re doing when you sit down to write for your website, compose an email to your list or write an insightful social media caption. To write in a way that’s both true to you and of service to your ideal clients, so you can attract the right people in. To discover how pitch-perfect words are found.

You’d love to collaborate with me on two or three pieces of copy to get you started. But it’s not just about those specific pieces – you need to find your voice in business. Because as your business evolves, there’ll be a lot of copywriting – a lot of sharing of valuable, even game-changing messages about your work, and the greater good you stand for. You’ll need to refine your copy and content as you go.

I know it’s nerve-wracking, the thought of putting yourself out there like that. As well as someone to teach you how copywriting works, you need someone in your corner for moral support, solidarity and cheering on.

Get clear and confident so your copy can flow

Write Your Pitch-Perfect Copy is a 7-session, one-to-one copywriting coaching programme. It’s designed to empower you to become a confident writer of copy for your business.

You’ll learn by doing how the whole copywriting process works – from identifying your strategy, to applying copywriting techniques with integrity, to writing your authentic copy. 

As you go through the programme, you’ll clarify and document your copywriting strategy, as well as develop two to three pieces of website copy or marketing content in collaboration with me.


Who this is for

This programme is for conscious, service-providing entrepreneurs who are committed to taking ownership of copywriting for their business.

Even if copywriting has felt like an uphill struggle for you, you know deep down that writing is something you love. Ideally you’ll have been doing the work of your business for 1-2 years at least, even if you’ve never taken a penny for it. 

You should feel pretty clear on who your ideal client is, the problem your business solves for that person and the outcome you help them achieve.

You’re one to say ‘hell yes!’ to the personal development opportunities that come your way. You have at least 3 hours of focused, quality time per week to work on your copy in between our sessions.


What’s included

  • 7.5 hours of one-to-one coaching via Zoom with an award-winning conscious copywriter (that’s me!)
  • Opportunity to write collaboratively with me as well as learn – we’ll spend much of your coaching time planning, writing and redrafting key pieces of your copy together. We’ll usually focus on two to three pieces of copy or content in the seven weeks, but this depends on factors like the length and complexity of the copy.
  • A 19-question Discovery Questionnaire to guide you to reflect deeply and get clear on all the essential elements of your copywriting strategy
  • Your Copywriting Strategy Workbook – a fillable PDF for you to document your strategy, and update it at any time
  • How-to-write guides and suggested templates for the key pages of your website: Homepage, About and Services
  • Key concepts in copywriting explainer – a reference guide that explains and illustrates the ethical copywriting tools and techniques you need to know
  • Homework exercises – work on your copy in between sessions to put learning into action, develop skills and create the copy you’ll use in your business.
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I discovered a whole new world of exciting writing!

“I approached Danielle for copywriting coaching because I wanted to achieve good, clear communication and get across my values without sounding self-important, but I didn’t know how.

I felt like I knew the basis of writing already, but I was surprised to discover an entirely new world of exciting writing! All of these strategies that I’d never thought of before, which have been really helpful.

Working with Danielle has given me clarity on my values, aims and audience and a shift in mindset. It has changed the way I write, but also how I communicate with people in general. I think other people would benefit hugely from this service.”

Laura Major, Anthropologist

Here’s how we’ll work together

  1. Pre-programme task: Discovery Questionnaire
    I’ll provide you with my Discovery Questionnaire a week before your first coaching session. Here you’ll find 19 powerful questions to set you off on a journey of reflection and digging for insights. Your answers will form the basis of your copywriting strategy (don’t worry, nothing is final yet).
    I’ll review your completed questionnaire before our Discovery session so I can get us prepped to get the most out of the session.
  2. Discovery Session (1.5 hours)
    In this extended kickoff session, we’ll hone in on the strategic areas you’ll need to clarify and develop. We’ll dig deeper, sense check and find out what more we can discover together. I’ll provide you with your Copywriting Strategy Workbook so you can start to document your strategy – and have it to hand to pull from every time you plan a piece of copy.
  3. Six copywriting coaching calls (1 hour each)
    Once the Discovery session is done, you’ll have six weekly one-hour coaching sessions with me to learn and activate the copywriting process. We’ll plan each piece of copy then get stuck into the writing process together. I will teach you:

    • How to translate your copywriting strategy into copy that reflects your authentic voice and resonates with your ideal client
    • Copywriting structure (via templates), techniques and best practices, and how to apply these to your copy
    • Language awareness skills – as we discuss different options for wording and the impact these might have on how your copy is received

Investment: £1,275

I’ve gained more confidence in my work

“I sought help from Danielle to find the right words to describe my work and communicate it to the outside world. Working with Danielle has given me the clarity to understand what I do, why I do it and exactly who I do it for. I’ve gained insight into my motivations and intentions and more confidence in my work.

I have become more aware of who I direct my words to, and by understanding my audience’s needs so much better it’s become easier to choose my words and tone. That probably is the most important ability when writing copy”

Lise Huber (aka Lil Maxine), Jazz singer, songwriter and vocal coach


Do I need to bring existing copy or pre-written drafts to the sessions?

If you have something pre-written you’d like us to work on you’re very welcome to bring it. If not no problem – we can start writing your copy from scratch.


What if I don’t finish my Homepage/About page/other piece of content in the seven weeks?

My intention is to support you to complete two to three pieces of copy or marketing content during our time together. For most clients this is a realistic goal. However it does depend on a number of factors: how much clarity you have before we start the coaching, how much time you put into working on your copy in between our sessions, and how complex the pieces of copy are.

If you don’t complete all the copy you’d hoped to during the coaching programme, you do have options for further support from me. This could be via ‘top up’ coaching sessions, or my Pro Copywriter Review service, where I review your draft copy in a Google doc and add my suggestions and pointers for development.

Or, you might feel ready to roll on and complete your copy by yourself.

Got a good feeling about this? Book a free 30-minute intro call with me, and we can make sure this is the right decision for you.

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