Capo Copy terms and conditions

I want to establish a great working relationship from the off, where each of us knows what to expect from the other. So you can be clear on how I do business and to prevent misunderstandings, here are my terms and conditions.

Definition of terms

In the terms and conditions that follow, ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘me’ refer to Danielle Styles, trading under the name of Capo Copy.

Brief’ – the document that details the specification of the project. (In most cases, you will use my Copy Brief Template to create the brief.)

‘Project’ – the piece of work you commission me to carry out.

‘Quote’ – The fixed fee for the project, which I will advise you of via email, based on the information you’ve given me in the brief, plus any additional information I’ve asked you for, or that you have provided subsequent to the issue of the brief.

1. Commissioning me

To start work on your project, I will need confirmation from you via email, stating:

  • That you are commissioning me for the project as detailed in the brief, and that, if you are acting on behalf of a company or third-party client, you are authorised to do so
  • That you have read and agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this document
  • That you agree to the fee I have given you in the quote

For all projects, I will also require a 50% deposit prior to starting work.

If I do not receive written confirmation and the full 50% deposit within five working days of sending you the quote, I reserve the right to decline the project.

2. My status

You understand that you’re hiring me as an independent professional, and that I am not an employee of you or your company. I do not expect to receive the same benefits as your employees, and in turn I should not be held to the same requirements as they are. This business relationship is non-exclusive, and as such I cannot be limited to working only on your project. Whilst I strive always to organise my time to complete your project to an excellent standard and by the target deadline, I am free to choose my working hours, and to work with other clients.

3. Fees

I will quote you a fee via email, based on the information you’ve given me in the brief, plus any additional information I’ve asked for, or that you have provided subsequent to the issue of the brief. This fee will cover:

  • Correspondence regarding your project
  • The writing of a first draft
  • Up to two additional drafts, in the event that you are not entirely happy with the first draft text

The quoted fee will not include:

  • Additional work created by changes to the original brief
  • Revisions to the third draft, or subsequent drafts

This extra work will be quoted for separately, and I will need confirmation via email that you agree to the additional fee before I proceed. The additional fee will be added to the final invoice.

4. Payment terms

A 50% deposit is payable on commissioning of a project. I will not start work on your project until I have received the deposit in full.

In the situation where the project has not reached completion two months after the date of commissioning, I reserve the right to invoice you, at monthly intervals, for the proportion of the work I’ve completed. In this situation, I reserve the right to cease working on the project until I’ve received payment of the latest invoice in full.

I will send the final invoice via email once you have approved the completed project.

All payments must be made within five working days of the date shown on the invoice. I will charge statutory interest for late payments, starting from the payment due-date. I will also add on debt recovery costs for late payments, in line with current UK legislation.

5. Deadlines

I will send you a target deadline for completion of your project along with the quote. I will do my utmost to keep to this deadline; however, please bear in mind that my ability to do so will depend upon my receiving timely input or approval from you (or a third party if applicable) at agreed stages within the project timeframe. Where your input is needed, I’ll advise you of the date it’s required by to keep the project timescale on track. I’ll keep you updated with information on timings as the project progresses, and advise you of the impact of any delays on the target deadline.

In the unlikely event that that the project is delivered after the target deadline, these terms and conditions remains in force.

6. Copyright

Copyright of the text I create for you will pass to you once I receive payment of the agreed fee, plus any additional charges, in full. Unless you explicitly request otherwise, by commissioning me you give me permission to:

  • Name you as a client on my website
  • Describe the work I’ve carried out for you on my website
  • Reproduce sections of the text I’ve written for you on my website, and include a hyperlink to the text, if published online, or make an electronic copy of the text available for download
  • Include an appropriate credit on the websites and print/electronic documents I help to create on your behalf

You confirm that you own the copyright for any written materials you supply me with for adaption or inclusion in the project.

7. Content disclaimer

I take a very conscientious approach to my work and aim for excellence in all respects. However, although I’ll always do my utmost to avoid errors, misrepresentations, inaccuracies and copyright breaches, the final responsibility for checking and publishing my work – whether in print or online – lies with you. 

You agree to indemnify me against any type of loss or damages that you incur as a result of choosing to publish texts that I have written for you.

In the event of any third-party claim for loss or damages that arises from the text I’ve written for you, you agree to indemnify and hold me harmless in all respects.

8. Your satisfaction

Creative writing is a subjective process. If for whatever reason you are not entirely happy with any part of the text I have written for you, please let me know in writing and I will do my best to resolve the issues you’ve raised.

If, after reasonable discussion and clarification of your needs, you still consider that the third and final draft is not suitable for your purposes, as detailed in the brief, you will be at liberty to terminate the contract between us and no additional payment will be due. This excludes the initial deposit, which will not be refunded. This does not imply an admission of failure or inability to complete the project on my part.

In such a situation, I will retain copyright of everything I’ve written, and you agree that it will not be used by you or any third party.

9. Cancellation

I pride myself on seeing my projects through to completion, producing a first-class end product for my clients. However, I reserve the right to terminate your project if:

  • You ask me to work in a way which I consider to be unethical, or which would reduce the quality of my work below the professional standards I adhere to
  • Your behaviour prevents me from forming an acceptable working relationship with you
  • You materially breach these terms and conditions, and do not rectify the breach within seven days of my notifying you of it

I will always advise you of any issue which, if left unresolved, will lead me to terminate the project. If I have to cancel, I will advise you in writing, and I will have no further obligations to you. Under such circumstances, I reserve the right to invoice you for up to 100% of the project fee.

In all circumstances, including those outlined under ‘Your Satisfaction’, if either you or I cancel your project, I will retain copyright of everything I’ve written, and you agree that it will not be used by you or any third party. If any part of the text is used, the complete project fee, including the charge for any additional work, will become payable immediately in full, and subject to the statutory interest and debt recovery costs detailed under ‘Payment terms’.

In all cases of cancellation, you also agree to indemnify me against any claim for compensation, loss or damages as a result of any delay caused to you or any third party.