Westgarth Wine Investment brochure

Westgarth Wine Investment brochure

Westgarth Wine Investment Brokers Inc. is a Los Angeles-based fine wine brokerage company. Westgarth sources fine wines in the UK and France for American investors.


The project

The company approached me with the draft text of a brochure detailing the benefits of fine wine investment with Westgarth. My task was to rewrite the brochure for maximum persuasive impact.

The brochure is targeted towards American investors, typically aged 35 and above, with an income significantly higher than the national average. The majority of readers will have had some prior contact with the Westgarth brand.

Taking these factors into account, I fine-tuned the language and content of the brochure to ensure a compelling argument that appealed directly to the ideal customer.

I worked with graphic designer Andrew Styles to create a sleek finished product in which words and visuals worked together to project Westgarth’s values.


Brand personality

The Westgarth copy-style reflects a trustworthy, authoritative, reassuring brand and a well-established business.



The aim of the brochure is to persuade readers to contact Westgarth with a request for their services.

I worked towards this aim by:

  • Creating strong section headings to entice the reader into the text, e.g. ‘Proven Strategy for Investment Success’
  • Reframing sentences with ‘you’ and ‘your’ to emphasise how the service benefits the reader
  • Improving the clarity and structure of the argument
  • Rewriting in a style that served the brand and appealed to the target audience