Pacific Wild website

Pacific Wild website

Pacific Wild is a Canadian non-profit organisation that works to protect wildlife and their habitat in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest.


The project

Pacific Wild were developing a brand-new website to increase user engagement and showcase their multimedia content. I came on board at a mid-way stage, and was tasked with reviewing the draft copy.

Although the copy was well-written and accurate, I identified several areas for improvement. It had been worked on by various volunteers, without the focus of a well-defined target audience or tailored tone of voice. It needed to lose some unexplained, technical terms and to cater more to the readers’ interests. It needed a shot of warmth, liveliness and accessibility.

I went back to the drawing board, and pinned down the specifics of the target audience and an appropriate tone. We agreed that the copy should aim primarily to hook in new supporters who’d arrived at the site via social media links. They’d be lovers of wildlife and nature, but without a grounding in conservation, the Great Bear region or relevant science.

By sharpening up the focus, I was able to create on-target, effective copy for the homepage and Our Initiatives section.


Brand personality

The tone of voice I developed for Pacific Wild is gently upbeat. It’s informative, while remaining accessible, plain-speaking and succinct.

I aimed for balanced copy that both inspires and builds confidence. It’s therefore passionate about the Great Bear Rainforest and tackling issues, but rational and measured in building arguments.



  • To prompt people to take action on specific campaigns
  • To encourage online donations

I worked towards these aims by:

  • Focusing on reader benefits – inviting them to ‘discover the secret life of the rainforest’, and make a unique, valued contribution to a globally important region
  • Building clear, logical and compelling arguments, punctuated with calls to action
  • Ensuring accessibility – keeping sentences concise, explaining issues and terminology, and making sure the reader is well oriented at all times
  • Highlighting Pacific Wild’s USPs (Unique Selling Points)