It’s in the Bag website

It’s in the Bag website

It’s in the Bag is a testicular cancer charity fund based in the South-West.

The IITB team promote early diagnosis of testicular cancer by raising awareness around the importance of ‘ball-checking’. They also run support initiatives to help testicular cancer patients manage the impact of the disease.


The project

This was a collaboration with digital designer/developer Andrew Styles. Between us we were responsible for the entire site creation, from initial proposal, to design and copy development, to build of the finished product.


Brand personality

IITB’s copy is straight-talking and friendly, delivering accessible messages to a broad spectrum of supporters and patients. It’s reassuring and trustworthy, as well as fun and informative.



The site was designed to cater to several types of user: young/middle-aged guys in need of greater awareness, testicular cancer patients and IITB supporters. Different aims applied to each.

One primary aim was to persuade men to carry out regular testicular self-exams and to visit their GP straight away with any concerns. The related conversion goal was for users to ‘Pledge to Check’ – to sign up to a community of men who’ve committed to ‘checking their balls’ monthly.

I worked towards these aims by:

  • Emphasising the 96% cure rate for testicular cancer before explaining the whys and hows of ball-checking. (Fear of cancer may cause people to avoid the subject, or lead to feelings of helplessness and inaction. The idea was to combat this by encouraging a positive and empowered mindset.)
  • Highlighting the benefits of early testicular cancer diagnosis
  • Boosting readers’ self-esteem by stating the benefits of ball-checking and Pledge to Check for the wider social good
  • Explicitly tackling the reasons why men avoid seeing their doctor, to reassure and persuade them to go