Giacomo & Sons website

Giacomo & Sons website

Giacomo & Sons is a traditional, Italian family-owned barbershop based in Bristol.


The project

Brothers Rob and Marco Cimmino wanted a website to draw in new clients, as well as inform and entertain existing ones.

Giacomo & Sons’ business ethos blurs the line between customer and friend. More than providing quality haircuts, the barbershop has become a retreat-like space where men share stories, with barbers and customers taking a personal interest in each other’s life experiences.

Because of the friendly ties between the Cimmino family and their customers, and the shop’s more than four-decade-long history, the story of the business made for a compelling sales pitch. I worked with digital designer Andrew Styles to structure a one-page website that would allow Giacomo & Sons’ history – a history that brings customers closer to the family and illustrates their expertise – to take centre stage. The website user simply scrolls through the copy to immerse themselves in the story from beginning to end.

During a site visit, I listened closely to the language Giacomo’s customers were using to describe their experiences in the shop; I then used some of their vocabulary and phrases in the finished copy. The resulting tone of voice is not only ‘on-brand’ but truly reflective of its target market.


Brand personality

As a brand, Giacomo & Sons balances genuine friendliness with a high level of professional expertise and a real Italian flavour. They’re traditional in their workmanship, but modern boy-next-door in their tone of voice.



To reinforce rapport with existing customers and attract new ones.

I worked towards this aim by:

  • Bringing out the unique benefits of Giacomo & Sons, including emotional benefits like friendship, a sense of rapport and belonging
  • Observing and using the customers’ natural language to make sure the copy speaks directly to its target audience
  • Giving credibility to the barbers’ passion and expertise with engaging anecdotes from their lives