Deki Annual Report 2011-2012

Deki Annual Report 2011-2012

Deki is an innovative microfinance charity, which empowers small-business entrepreneurs in developing countries by connecting them to individual lenders online.


The project

The annual report was an opportunity to impress existing supporters and potential backers alike with a showcase of Deki’s achievements in 2011/2012. Using compelling data, great storytelling and attention-grabbing visuals, we put together a pamphlet that celebrated the impact of Deki’s microloans in the developing world.

I planned the structure and content of the report, wrote the country profiles and case studies, and selected the quotes for the ‘Why I lend with Deki’ section.


Brand personality

Deki’s tone of voice is clear, concise, informative and warm. This plain-speaking style conveys information effectively, while inspiring confidence in the transparency of the organisation.



To ensure continuing support from existing lenders and donors, and to attract new ones.

I worked towards this aim by:

  • Using country profiles, with clear facts and stats, to put Deki’s achievements in context
  • Including specific case studies to show the positive impact of lenders’ money on real people
  • Boosting supporters’ self-esteem by saying ‘thank you’