Capo Copy: What’s in a name?

capo /ˈkapəʊ/ • noun
A clamp fastened across the strings of a fretted musical instrument to alter their pitch

You’re probably wondering what the connection is between a capo and your marketing texts.

Let me explain.

A capo is something a guitarist can fall back on when she wants to play a song written for a different type of voice. A capo lets you change the key of a tune in an instant, fitting it perfectly to your range.

Something similar happens in copywriting. Just as a guitarist uses a capo to adapt a song to her voice, I can adjust any message to your brand’s personality – simply by tailoring the language.

You want a tone of voice that speaks volumes to your target audience? I’ll create it using smart word choices. Fun, lively words convey sociable brands. Accurate, sophisticated words express high-status brands. Wacky brands can get away with words like ‘zoom’ and ‘crikey!’

There’s another, less obvious benefit to using a capo. It actually raises the quality of the notes, making them clearer, sharper and brighter. And that’s what my writing skills can do for your messages too.

Oh, and not only do I play acoustic guitar. I also practise an Afro-Brazilian martial art form. It just so happens that the first four letters of its name are are C-A-P-O too.