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Danielle Styles

Danielle Styles

Freelance copywriter

I’m a skilled writer who combines creative flair with an in-depth knowledge of copywriting technique.

Aside from copywriting, I’ve studied English academically, taught it to non-native speakers, and even trained and managed a team of editors. This wealth of work with language means I can pick writing apart, getting to the crux of how each word affects the reader. It’s this insight that lets me hit on an effective wording for your purpose, whether your goal is to prompt readers to make a purchase or sign a petition.

I’ve worked with businesses to write copy that’s clear, creative and focussed on the unique benefits that sell. I’ve worked with charities on messages that inspire empathy, trigger action and raise income. Whoever you are, and whatever form your project takes, you’ll find me a careful listener, a thorough researcher and a brilliant writer.

For concrete examples of how I’ve made words work for my clients, click on the orange button.

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Danielle Styles

Capo Copy: What’s in a name?

capo /ˈkapəʊ/ • noun
A clamp fastened across the strings of a fretted musical instrument to alter their pitch

You’re probably wondering what the connection is between a capo and your marketing texts.

Let me explain.

A capo is something a guitarist can fall back on when she wants to play a song written for a different type of voice. A capo lets you change the key of a tune in an instant, fitting it perfectly to your range.

Something similar happens in copywriting. Just as a guitarist uses a capo to adapt a song to her voice, I can adjust any message to your brand’s personality – simply by tailoring the language.

You want a tone of voice that speaks volumes to your target audience? I’ll create it using smart word choices. Fun, lively words convey sociable brands. Accurate, sophisticated words express high-status brands. Wacky brands can get away with words like ‘zoom’ and ‘crikey!’

There’s another, less obvious benefit to using a capo. It actually raises the quality of the notes, making them clearer, sharper and brighter. And that’s what my writing skills can do for your messages too.

Oh, and not only do I play acoustic guitar. I also practise an Afro-Brazilian martial art form. It just so happens that the first four letters of its name are C-A-P-O too.